If you run a small to medium-sized business then you understand that you cannot operate without IT.  Whether you use it to process orders or communicate with customers or to get information from vendors you know it is an important piece of your business.  How would you operate if all your IT systems came crashing down tomorrow?  But sometimes your systems can cause problems, and it may not be an area you want to mess with.  Here are some reasons why it makes sense to think about using a firm to provide you with Managed IT Services.

Protect Your Data – And Your Customer’s

If you are doing business with customers and other businesses it is imperative that the data that you store is safe and secure.  In fact, some savvy customers won’t even do business with you if you can’t show that you are acting in their interests and protecting their data.  Would you give your credit card information to a company that does not practice good security?  You shouldn’t expect your customers to either.

An MSP can ensure that your data is protected, secure and recoverable in the case of disaster.  Tools that allow for remote monitoring and backups, virus scanning, application of security patches as well as an understanding of security best practices and standards are something that an experience IT professional brings to the table.

Reduce Downtime

Anything from a crashed desktop to a low server can impact your business.  If your hardware fails or is glitchy it can be extremely frustrating to get back up and running.  If you have a relationship with a Managed Service Provider they will understand your network and your hardware and get it back up and running quickly.  In fact, a good MSP will take steps to prevent failures from happening in the first place by conduciting periodic health checks and keeping hardware and software up to date and running properly.  Furthermore, with remote monitoring tools in place, your MSP will know about downtime before you even have to call!

Stay Up To Date

I have heard the phrase “moving at the speed of business” before, which is just an indicator that the world of business changes quickly, and a large part of that is due to the rapid advances in technology. Maybe some of these advances can help you run your business, but how can you run your business and keep abreast of the ever-changing technology? An MSP will identify, vet and test new technologies with no impact to you and can advise and implement if technology advances can be of benefit to you. This greatly decreases your time investment if you rely on technology for your business and also greatly mitigates your risk in adopting new technology.

Control Cash Flow And Save Money

Planned incremental expenses just make sense in many cases.  Power companies encourage you to enroll in plans that provide known expenses per month, even buying groceries is less expensive if you do it on a planned schedule instead of just when you are hungry.  It makes sense in the world of IT too. Planning expenses related to hardware, software, maintenance, and labour by taking advantage of managed IT services provides you with immediate access to highly skilled IT professionals by supplying a flat-rate IT package plan that can be easily adjusted as your tech needs grow.

Growing The Business

Do what you do best. It’s that simple.  You know your business so you are the one in the best position to expand it. You don’t need to worry about whether your IT infrastructure can support your growth goals.  Working with an MSP takes that worry off your shoulders and allows you to focus on doing what is best for your company.

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