Did you know that:

  • 61% of global Internet users research products online. (Interconnected World: Shopping and Personal Finance, 2012)
  • In 2014, email marketing was cited as the most effective digital marketing channel for customer retention in the United States. (eMarketer)

There are dozens of other studies on the subject that go over using Social networks like Pinterest, LinkedIn as well as blogging, SEO and PPC.

If all of this sounds like gibberish or some foreign concept to you, you need to start reading up on all of the tools you can and should be using to ensure that your business is one of the few that pass the test and will still be around in several years.

If you don’t understand and use modern marketing techniques you will be throwing away your most effective tool to make your business prosper.

The solution?

Study up on modern marketing techniques so you understand what the most effective channels are to create an intense demand for your products and services.

Get these actions being done by yourself, your staff or an outside company who specializes in them.

Adapting to use these new techniques and continuing to stay abreast of any new developments will ensure you continue to prosper instead of joining the ever-increasing ranks of businesses going extinct each year.

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