I don’t know if you need convincing that your business should be on social media or you just haven’t gotten around to it yet, but in either case – there are some pretty compelling reasons why your business should be active on social media.  Maybe all I have to tell you is that there are over 3 billion internet users—and over 2 billion of them have active social media accounts.  I would say that with those kind of numbers, it is pretty much guaranteed that your customers are using social media.  If that’s not enough incentive, there are a few more things you should know.

When you have a presence on social media, you make it easier for your customers to find and connect with you. If your goal is to increase brand awareness and loyalty, social media is an excellent way to do that.  Research actually shows that most consumers who follow brands on social media are more loyal to those brands.

If you are interested in online marketing, social ads are an inexpensive way to promote your business and distribute content. You can really target your audience by company, location, job title, gender and more.  This highly targeted method of advertising has proven very successful for many companies doing business online.  Combine this with regular interaction and timely customer service and you end up with much higher converting leads.

What we have seen recently is that Even if you aren’t on social media, most of your customers expect you to be. Over 67 percent of consumers now go to social media for customer service. With the aility to respond instantly and at any time, social media offers a method for you to deliver that exceptional customer service people are looking for.

And of course, one of the biggest benefits of social media for business is using it to increase your website traffic. The more social media shares you receive, the higher your search ranking will be. In the past, ranking was calculated primarily based on links back to your site, but we know now that Social Media Buzz is a definite ranking factor (this is why our site audit includes it as a metric – remember that you can get a free site audit here)

Social media isn’t about pushing sales all the time, it’s a communication channel where you have the opportunity to enrich relationships with your customers.  This kind of social media dialogue between brands and customers is something traditional advertising cannot achieve.

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