Grow or die.  That’s what they taught me in business school.  We know that business needs to grow to be viable, but in order for a business to grow, it needs to reach new customers consistently. A traditional brick and mortar store often has challenges with acheiving this using traditional methods, however, creating an e-commerce website for your retail store might be just the thing you need right now to break through the limitations your physical store presents while increasing sales for your products.

Why E-Commerce?

It provides a custom experience for the customer

Personalization can greatly enhance the online shopping experience for customers. Apart from the segmented email list based on location, purchases made and how much money a customer spent, personalization can also be achieved by retargeting a customer who abandoned his/her cart in the past by showing the ads of the products abandoned or greeting them with a name on their next visit etc.

You are always open

Another advantage of an e-commerce website is that your online store will be open for business 24/7 whereas your physical store will only let you open from 9 am to 9 pm. Even with Facebook ads, you can attract someone only from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. But with an e-commerce site, you can attract almost anyone whether working in odd shifts or with time boundations or simply being lazy enough to go to a store.

You have suddenly become an international business

One limitation of having a brick and mortar store is that it only allows you to sell products on a local level but with an online store you can easily sell your brands to customers on a worldwide scale. Your e-commerce site will also let you the ability to discover your customers whether they be in UK, Latin America or neighboring countries. Also, its drop shipping option will take care of pricing and shipping issues.

Lower rent to pay

One of the major benefits of online stores is that it has a much lower start-up cost compared to physical retail stores where just the rent of store location amounts to thousands of dollars per month, not to mention the additional costs of employees, infrastructure etc. However, you can easily start your own e-commerce store single-handedly in a couple of hundred dollars, plus you will save plenty on employees etc.

Featured products and bestsellers are easy to put in front of customers

E-commerce makes it much easier to show off products to customers as it provides the option to display best sellers in an effective manner. The reason I mentioned displaying best sellers is that they are proven since other customers have already bought it and are happy with their purchase. Also, you can easily showcase new products as well by including them in upsell and marketing campaigns.

Cater to the impulse buyer

Getting your customers to become impulse buyers is another big advantage that your online store can provide but your physical store can’t. All you need is an attractive product photography, the one with human emotions or vibrant colors and use them to create amazing ads that can drive impulsive buys. You can even use showcasing limited quantities or countdown timers to further the drive process.

No line ups

In retail stores, we have often seen long lines at cash counters which makes the overall shopping experience, a painful one and deter many people from going to stores. But with online shopping, there is simply no waiting time. A customer can easily place orders in his own time schedule and from the comforts of his own home which, as a result, allows you to accept a high number of orders with ease.

No limit to how far you can grow

In your brick and mortar store, whenever you want to grow your business to accommodate new products or hire more cashiers, you will need to find a bigger space, spend money on renovating and wait for your lease to end. However, with an e-commerce website, you can easily add countless products to your store without worrying about holding inventory or shipping products allowing you to scale quickly.


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