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Premier Web Solutions builds professional, fast, secure, scalable websites for affordable prices. 


We Build Awesome Websites

Premier Web Solutions Inc. has been building websites since 2003.  We have built hundreds of websites for our customers and we love working with new businesses or local small and medium businesses.  We believe there is no reason why you should not be able to get an affordable, well built, professional website locally.  We also believe in educating our customers.  We support our customer by answering questions, helping them fix their own problems, and of course providing services. We post regularly to the blog to provide tips and hints for our customers. Check it out:

Get a Website in a Week!

At Premier Web Solutions, we know there are a ton of options to get a website built for your business.  We want to take the fear out of making a decision.  We will build you a website in one week, using industry standard best practices on a secure, up to date version of WordPress. It is easy for you, all you do is:

– contact us to order the site
– we send you a form so you can tell us about your business, send us a logo and a give us a few design notes
– wait one week
– we send you a manual on how to update your site
– launch your new site

Frequently Asked Questions

Since we have been doing this a long time, there are some questions we get frequently. We answer some of them here, but if you don’t see the answer you are looking for, feel free to send us a message with your question.

Are you a fly-by-night agency?

No, we have been building websites since the early 2000’s.  We are made up of a number of contractors that have specific areas of expertise and have been working together for years.  We truly believe you will not get this level of experience for this price anywhere in Edmonton.

Do you do custom builds?

Yes of course! We have done projecys from small 2 page websites to sites that have hundres of pages to ecommerce sites that sell 10s of thousands of dollars per month online. We can work with your team to plan, design, and develop any size project.

Will my site show up in Google?

Unfortunately, the web is not the field of dreams. “If you build it, they may not come”.  Simply building an awesome website does not guarantee that people will find it or visit it. We can help it get found though.  We also provide SEO services (to get your site to show up in Google) and we can help you with all your online marketing needs to get people to your site.

Do you offer SEO, Blogging, Social Media Management etc?

We are a full service web agency.  We offer a number of services including Search Engine Optimization, Blog services, Content Marketing, Social Media Management, Pay Per Click Advertising strategy and management.  Check out the services page to see the list. 

If I buy a site from you do I have to host it with you?

Not at all.  We build our sites to industry standards so they can be hosted almost anywhere.  When you buy one of our web design packages we include 3 months worth of hosting, but you can either move after 3 months or have us build it on your host or let us host it for you.

Can I update my site myself?

When we deliver a site for you, we include a manual that tells you how to update the site yourself.  Also, since we build it on WordPress, there are tons of online resources that you can use to help you understand how to work on your site yourself.   But we won’t abandon you, we are onlya call or an email away if you want changes done or even just want some help doing it yourself. 

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Premier Web Solutions is based in Edmonton, Alberta.  We meet our clients anywhere in the city and surrounding areas.  Call for an appointment.



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