Our Company

Development and IT Experts from Alberta working to help other Albertans succeed

Online Experts

Managing the online component of a business can be complex and sometimes confusing.  Premier can put together strategies and tatics to make the most of the online world.

Forward Thinking

Businesses have to adapt and grow in order to thrive.  We bring the advantages of technology and new modern concepts to your business to move it forward.

Technical Experts

You shouldn’t have to worry about whether your technology will work.  It should support your business and make your life easier. With our technical expertise in your corner we can ensure that will happen.

Customer Relationships

Premier Web Solutions Inc. values our relationships with customers.  We work closely with our customers and think that a good relationship is essential to success.

Who We Are

At Premier Web Solutions, we aim to provide innovative and functional web solutions and IT support that add value to a business. Our goal is to help businesses thrive and be competitive in an increasingly online world through web development, social media strategies and rock solid managed services. With the right plans in place, we aim to make companies successful and grow to their maximum potential.

Located in Edmonton

Located in Calgary

Our Management Team

James Atkinson

James Atkinson

Partner, VP Web Development

Eric Janzen

Eric Janzen

Partner, VP Online Marketing

Aris Sanchez

Aris Sanchez

Partner, VP Managed Services